Top 5 Reasons Not To Get A Heart Tattoo

Thanks to all those celebrities out there, youngsters have now found a new way to show their love for art, and that is tattoos. Over the years, tattoos have gained widespread popularity among the young, especially as a symbol for love. Heart Tattoos have been adopted by people all over the world to reflect their love. Most people find beautifully drawn hearts an extravagant way of professing their love, but that doesn't mean that love is the only reason behind getting a tattoo. A lot of people get their skin tattooed to…

Popular Greek Warriors That Make Stunning Greek Warrior Tattoos

Are you trying to get a great Greek warrior tattoo but can't seem to find the right design? Not even sure which warrior you want the tattoo to mimic? One of the hardest things about getting the right tattoo is feeling completely confident in your choice of design. Greek tattoos are very dynamic and expressive so the last thing you want to happen is to be disappointed in the end result. Greek warrior tattoos are a symbol of strength, courage, endurance, and nobility. Your design should express these very same…

Discover The Tips You Need To Get The Right Tattoo Design The First Time

Choosing the right tattoo design for you could present quite the challenge. This is especially true if this is your first. When this is the case, you're apprehensive about the process and the results. High-quality tattoos require a hefty investment on your part, and you should take your time when selecting a design and location. The following tips will help you navigate this process more effectively and guarantee your satisfaction with this investment. Identify Interests and Elements of Your Life The most important concept…

Chest Tattoos For Men and Women – Tips and Ideas For Amazing Chest Tattoo Piece

The chest is an ideal area to get tattooed since it's an area that can be inconspicuous and therefore discrete. It is safe to say that the chest tattoo theme is more popular with men than with women. The male tat enthusiasts like them because they make their pectoral more significant and more attractive. It adds a particular type of sex appeal, and men love them. Women, on the other hand, get them to express their femininity and sexual side. The chest tattoos for men would be best displayed when they can take their shirt…

Armband Tattoo Tribal Designs – Why Isn’t the Armband Circle Closed?

Armband tattoo tribal designs are very original. This type of design blends different cultures. Armband tattoos generally make a good tattoo. Depending on where you place it, you can easily cover it with a long sleeve or short sleeve shirt. Suggestions for an armband tattoo are flowers, snakes or Celtic knots. Both men and women are getting armband tattoos. You may find many tattoos that do not go all the way around the arm. Some people say this is a superstition. The tattoo does not connect most likely because it can be…

Before Getting a Tattoo, Consider These Cool and Trendy Tattoo Alternatives

The Permanency and Process of a Traditional Tattoo Can Be Scary, I wouldn't say I like needles, but I love the idea of getting body art or skin decoration. I'm also not too thrilled about the permanency of a 'needle' tattoo I might hate down the road. Have you priced tattoo removal processes lately? The cost of tattoo removal is at least three times as much as getting the tattoo! After doing some research, I discovered some fantastic alternatives for body art. I'm going to give those a shot (no pun intended) way before I

What is Contemporary Tattooing?

In recent times, the art of tattooing has essentially become youth-driven, dominated by young tattooists with foundation in fine art and culture. Their customers are similarly youthful and frequently decorated with bold, powerful designs on their arms, hands, legs, and bodies, as well as various piercing. Contemporary tattooing first came about during the hippy 1970s when anti-establishment youths began to wear tattoos as a symbol of resistance to law-abiding, middle-class values. Coincidentally, at the same time,

Dolphin Tattoos: What Is The Symbolism Behind Them

Dolphin tattoos are amongst some of the most sought-after tattoos currently being designed and inked. This post looks at some of the possible relationship behind a dolphin tattoo and why they might be so popular. It then outlines some tattoo ideas for getting a dolphin tattoo.[ Are you interested in getting a dolphin tattoo? A lot of people are they are pretty popular these days. One thing that makes dolphin tattoos so popular is the almost universally flattering symbolism behind a dolphin. Close your eyes and

How to Avoid Custom Tattoo Design Mistakes

Are you thinking of having your first tattoo? If so, you should consider going in for a custom tattoo design. Not only are they unique, but they also speak volumes about your personality. When considering having a tattoo, you must realize that it is something that'll remain permanently on your body for the rest of your life, and therefore take your decision of getting a tattoo done very carefully. It is said in the context of tattoos that your partner might leave you one day, but your tattoos are there to stay. Even though

Kokopelli Tattoos – How to Find a Unique Head Turning Design

Kokopelli, the mythical prankster and joy bringer of the Southwestern Native Americans, is a great tattoo choice for someone who wants a unique design to complement their personality. This art form is truly one of a kind. But it can be challenging to find quality Kokopelli tattoo designs they are starting to gain popularity, but aren't a mainstream trend yet. Here are some ideas on how to find Kokopelli artwork that translates well as a tattoo. Kokopelli is a flute-playing deity that is found in ancient petroglyphs

Facts You Should Know About Tarantulas Before Getting a Tarantula Tattoo Design, This Will Help You!

Today it seems that less and fewer people are afraid of tarantulas. With so many exotic animals now being kept as pets, it's no wonder tarantula tattoo designs are becoming so popular. Through tarantula, tattoo designs might be popular; there are still a few things to keep in mind when choosing a species and design. The thing about tarantulas is that when you see them, no matter what your thoughts are, somehow they are intriguing. They look massive, and they have large bodies, but this isn't putting people off of

Sun and Moon Tattoo – Meanings and Ideas For Creating Amazing Designs of Tattoos

The sun and moon tattoo is a favourite tat theme for those who want to represent the yin and yang energies or the union of opposites. The sun and the moon represents contrasting elements, but if blended, they can create a much more robust and greater whole. The sun is a representation of everything that speaks of manhood such as power, strength, wisdom and authority. The moon, on the other hand, represents emotions, beauty, intuition and imagination. As a tat design, you can interpret them as the coming together of the

What Makes A Tribal Tattoo Design Distinctive?

Tribal tattoos are prevalent, but the truth is that the term covers a wide range of designs. Their origins, as the name suggests, can be seen in artwork and tattoos of tribes from the past. However, nowadays, tribal tats have taken on their distinctive look in the Western world. Defining Characteristics of Tribal Tattoos Tribal designs are generally bold, black lines that are formed in several different abstract shapes. They are made of various symbols depending on the tastes of the wearer, and some symbols may carry

Top 3 Tips From An Expert Tattoo Artist

When it comes to custom tattoos, finding the best design or having it created requires call on some excellent research and a lot of effort on the part of a tattoo enthusiast. One can find numerous free designs and the latest tattoo trends online that not just look great but are reasonable also. But such designs are not unique because there would be many people who can be seen sporting the same design. Tattoos reflect an individual's personality, his taste and lifestyle in general. So it is necessary that no matter what the…

Skull Tattoo Design – Misunderstood Symbolism

When selecting a tattoo design, the design you are going to have etched on to your body must be one that you will be satisfied with for the rest of your life. Don't make a hasty decision that you may end up regretting, as the cost of having an unwanted tattoo removed is extremely expensive. Think long and hard before you visit the parlour and commit to a specific design. Many people make the critical mistake of selecting a tattoo design on the spot, often because they are pressured by friends or influenced by the artist.

Lower Back Tattoo Designs For Girls – A Way to Express Sexy Self?

Lower back tattoo designs for girls are hot. They have made a big step into popularity over the last few years and have started to create a very popular market of tattoo for girls. Female tattoo designs are probably one of the hottest areas of growth within the tattoo industry right now. It used to be that when girls got tattoos, they would have to keep them in hidden areas as it was still not as socially acceptable. However, today girls or women are getting tattoos as much as if not more then men. There is no better and…

Tattoo Survey Results – What Do People Think?

In a survey done a few years back in the U.S., about 16% of respondents have at least one tattoo. That is about 1 in 6 people or 40 million Americans, and the popularity among both sexes are about the same. Of all the respondents with tattoos, more females (42%) felt that having a tattoo made them feel sexier versus males (25%). The differences in thought between the female and male are to be expected since traditionally the females are more inclined to accessorize (i.e. makeup and lingerie) to be attractive. About a

Some Facts About Wrist Tattoo Designs

There is a wide selection of tattoo designs and styles to choose from. There are great designs that can cover an entire body, and there are small designs that can be placed on a tiny spot. Wrist tattoo designs are among the many smaller designs that are popular these days. You can effortlessly hide tattoo wrist designs since they are relatively small. When it's time to go to work or attend an important meeting, you can cover them with a bracelet or watch. Being small in size makes it also easy for some teenagers to get

Popular Japanese Tattoo Meanings, Symbolism and Designs

There has been a phenomenal growth of traditional Japanese tattoo designs in the past few years. It used to be that tattoos were relegated to the Yakuza or Japanese gangs and the criminals in the society. Just the sight of a tattoo used to and still can strike fear into people. However, Japan is a rapidly changing country, and they are starting to see the value in tattoos and more and more people have a deep respect for them. For most tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts alike, Japanese designs have always been sought

You Should Choose Sanskrit Tattoo Designs Because of These Reasons

There are many different types of tattoo designs, so why single out Sanskrit tattoo designs for special praise? What makes them better than dream catcher tattoo designs, for example? Because of these five reasons: Sanskrit Has Ancient History Did you know that Sanskrit is one of the oldest languages on Earth, dating to before 1500 BC? Prominent language scholars like Heinrich Roth, Johann Ernst Hanxleden and Sir William Jones say that Sanskrit can be considered the Mother of all languages. Modern languages from the Indian…

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